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The SM89516 series product is an 8 - bit single chip
micro controller with 64KB flash & 1KB RAM embedded.
It is a derivative of the 8052 micro controller family.
With its hardware features and powerful instruction set,
it’s straight forward to make it a versatile and cost effective
controller for those applications which demand up
to 32 I/O pins for PDIP package or up to 36 I/O pins for
PLCC/QFP package, or applications which need up to
64KB memory either for program or for data or mixed.
To program the on-chip flash memory, a commercial
writer is available to do it in parallel programming


*Working voltage: 3.0V ~ 3.6V For L Version
4.5V ~ 5.5V For C Version
*General 8052 family compatible
*12 clocks per machine cycle
*64 KB internal flash memory
*1024 bytes data RAM
*Three 16 bit timers/counters
*Four 8-bit I/O ports for PDIP package
*Four 8-bit I/O ports + one 4-bit I/O ports
for PLCC or QFP package
*Full duplex serial channel
*Bit operation instruction
*Page free jumps
*8-bit unsigned division
*8-bit unsigned multiply
*BCD arithmetic operations
*Direct addressing
*Indirect addressing
*Nested interrupts
*Two priority level interrupts
*A serial I/O port
*Power save modes:
Idle mode and power down mode
*Code protection function
*One watch dog timer (WDT)
*Low EMI (inhibit ALE)